Meet the Team

  • Pat Pithan
Pat Pithan, Director of Sales and Consulting

What do you do in your position (in a nutshell)?

We solve and simplify technology problems and keep our clients and their businesses operating at optimum efficiency.

How long have you been with MMIT Business Solutions Group?

30 years including service with Imaging Technology and M&M Sales, the two great companies that merged to form to MMIT in 2016.

What are your interests outside of being a MMIT team member?

Family, family vacations, trying new restaurants(especially those recommended by our cllient partners), relaxing.

Please tell us what makes you the most proud of the service and products MMIT provides or your role in providing them?

I am proud of the wonderful relationships I have built with so many great people. I am also proud of our awesome team and their commitment to customer satisfaction.