You Need to Upgrade to a Multifunction Printer--Here's Why

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When you buy an office printer, you're probably hoping it will last forever. A high-quality machine might just get the job done for years to come--but that doesn't mean you should keep relying on outdated technology. Here's why it's time to make the switch to something far more impressive: a multifunction printer.

Is a Multifunction Printer Really That Different?

The short answer is yes.

Multifunction printers are like the younger, faster siblings that will inevitably upstage their traditional counterparts. Desktop or single-function printers just can't keep up with a machine that copies, scans, prints, and faxes--all while connecting to your network to make tasks even easier and more efficient.

It's also important to note that no multifunction printer would be where it is today if it weren't for older machines. All the latest technology is a result of research, experience, and lessons learned from other printers--so if you're having trouble saying goodbye, throw in a "thank you" and move on to your printer's modern successor.

3 Benefits of Multifunction Printer Ownership

So, why should you upgrade to a multifunction printer? Here are three big reasons:

  • #1: Your needs are always changing.

Your printing needs probably don't look the same as they did a few years ago--or maybe even a few months ago. A multifunction printer can help you keep up with those needs by providing more functions, advanced features, and unbeatable speed and quality.

  • #2: Security is more important than ever.

Did you know that printers are often a hacker's first target? Luckily, a multifunction printer can save the day. With advanced security features and built-in tools to ensure a safe network connection, these machines actively help protect your data and devices.

  • #3: Green solutions are all the rage.

If you really want to be cutting edge, you'll need to find ways to go green without wasting green--and that's where multifunction printers come in. By using one machine with four functions instead of four machines with single functions, you save ink, paper, and energy--so Mother Earth and your budget will be grateful.

In conclusion, it's time to upgrade to a multifunction printer because these machines represent years of evolution. Fast, powerful, and full of all the latest tech, a multifunction printer can help address your company's needs in more ways than one.

Ready to upgrade? Contact us today to meet your new multifunction printer!