Who Can Benefit From Scanning?

document scanning

No two industries look exactly alike, and that's what keeps the world turning. However, they do have one interesting thing in common: they can benefit from scanning--if not in all the same ways. Here's a look at just a few industries where scanning has quickly become the MVP!

One Solution, Countless Industries

There aren't many business solutions flexible enough to fit any industry. After all, there are so many industries with so many widely varying needs--how could one solution adapt to all of those different environments? Enter document scanning, the new best friend to industries of all shapes and sizes.

To prove that scanning can benefit just about anyone just about anywhere, here are some vastly different industries that have implemented this solution in their own unique ways!


Healthcare may be one of the most demanding and rigorous industries out there, with incredibly high stakes and all kinds of regulations to comply with--but scanning is still a great match.

  • Scanning eliminates the need for physical storage of patient records, which saves space for patients, equipment, and personnel.
  • Scanned documents are easier to organize, search through, and share with other medical professionals.
  • Digital files can be more effectively secured.


Construction comes with blueprints, sketches, and other irregular documents. Luckily, scanning doesn't break a sweat.

  • Scanned documents are easily accessed from multiple locations, meaning construction experts don't have to be tied to desks.
  • Large documents or unique formats are more easily accessed in digital form than crammed in the passenger seat or dragged along to construction sites.
  • Once scanned, files can be managed with version control so that construction experts always have up-to-date information.


Education poses unique challenges, especially when it comes to the budget, but scanning can offer a lot of help.

  • Student records can be stored long-term in digital format.
  • Scanned records, transcripts, test scores, and more can be quickly and easily shared between educational organizations.
  • It's easier to manage and protect large amounts of student information when it's all digitized and electronically secured.

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