What Challenges Come with Managed IT Services?

IT services providers talking on headsets

Nothing is perfect--not even managed IT services. So what challenges come with this tech solution, and how can you overcome them? Let's find out!

What to Expect From Managed IT Services

By now, you probably know all the great things managed IT services can do for you. But challenges and benefits aren't mutually exclusive--so what hurdles should you expect from managed IT services, and what can you do to make it to the other side?

Here's a closer look:

Challenge 1: Adapting to remote and hybrid environments

Managed IT services made more sense when everyone was in the same place, right?

Not necessarily.

Although adapting to remote and hybrid environments must be acknowledged as a challenge, even for your IT support provider, that doesn't mean it's impossible to handle. In fact, remote and hybrid work gives you a chance to look at your tech in fresh ways, learn a few new tricks, and take your security to the next level. Look at this as an opportunity instead of a challenge.

Challenge 2: Keeping up with customers

Customer expectations are always growing and changing. That keeps you on your toes--but it also demands that you undermine one of the main tenets of managed IT services, which is consistency.

In this case, you'll need to embrace an interesting paradox: consistent flexibility. If you build flexibility into your tech workflows and give yourself room to adapt to client expectations, you won't stress out every time your IT game needs to pivot.

Challenge 3: Managing costs

The truth about technology is that it's just plain expensive. Although managed IT services is all about helping you save money; you often need to spend money, too. So how do you balance that?

The key is visibility. When you know where your money is going and why it's easier to make sure your spending is reasonable and efficient. That way, you don't have to panic when you buy upgraded machines or fancy new software; you'll know the cost is justified and efficient.


Although managed IT services, like everything, comes with its challenges, the solution is self-aware--meaning it has built-in tools and approaches to help counteract these challenges. Once you know what you're up against, you'll be able to use stress-free managed IT tactics to overcome problems big and small.

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