Scanning and Beyond: The Power of Multifunction

scanning mfp

Multifunction printers combine scan, copy, print, and fax capabilities--and in this case, the whole is much more than the sum of its parts! Read on to find out the true power of multifunction, and why it may be the answer to your scanning--and copying, printing, and faxing--needs.

The Best Way to Scan

If you're looking for reliable, effective, and affordable scanning solutions, you have a few options--but none is quite as promising as a multifunction printer. By combining multiple features in one place, you create opportunities for efficiency and productivity that simply wouldn't exist otherwise.

For example, with a multifunction printer, you could complete an entire job without once having to leave the machine. Of course, you also save money by having one device in place of four separate ones, meaning you only have to pay 1/4 of the maintenance, supplies, and repairs.

Let's take a closer look at each function and why they work so well together!


Scanning just got a whole lot more impressive. Multifunction printers are powerful, boasting all the latest tech--which means you get OCR, scan-to-email options, and more. Plus, by integrating scanning solutions into your business, you can cut down on paper use and take another step toward a digital workflow.


Need to make copies quickly and efficiently? A multifunction printer has you covered. Plus, with a variety of settings and features, you can limit waste while getting exactly what you need.


Printing is still a huge part of the business world, and when you combine it with other functions, it's better than ever. Take your print jobs to the next level with a multifunction device.


By adding fax capabilities to the mix, you cut out unnecessary steps in your workflow and give employees all the tools they need to succeed--right in one place.

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