Managed Print Reveals the Real Cost of Printing


Do you know what the real cost of printing is? Do you know how to reveal it? Let managed print hold up a magnifying glass and help you see where your money is really going!

All Will Be Revealed

Uncontrolled printing has a reputation for being pricey. Even when you think you're controlling costs, the chances are that some things are getting by you--and, unfortunately, those things have the power to wreck your budget. Before you can stop them, though, you need to be able to recognize them--and that's where managed print comes in.

The Print Audit

Any good managed print process begins with a print audit, which is where you and your provider work together to analyze your print environment from top to bottom. You'll get data on all kinds of things, from usage habits to supply costs. The point of a print audit is to take an honest look at your company and see where you can improve, but you'll see the good stuff too--like positive habits, savvy security solutions, and more.

Here are a few "hidden costs" that will be revealed by a print audit:

  • Staff costs

    Time is money, and the time your staff spends fighting with, fixing, and stressing out over the printers can really hurt your budget.

  • Supply costs

    Supplies can be pricey, especially if you're not aware of best buying practices. Falling victim to things like over-ordering can result in waste, while under-ordering causes workflow backups and inefficiency.

  • Maintenance and repair costs

    Printers can't be perfect forever. If you're not taking steps to proactively manage maintenance and repair, even little "quick fixes" can start adding up.

The good news is that the print audit is only step one. Once all of the hidden costs have been revealed, managed print can help you address each issue one by one, implementing solutions and recommending tools that will get costs under control. In the end, you'll end up saving all that money and more!

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