Managed IT Tips: What Are Hackers Really After?

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Protecting your files, both online and off, is an everyday job--but do you know what you're actually up against? Hackers have motivations and goals that you might not realize, which, in turn, makes it more difficult to fight back. Here are a few managed IT tips that will help you defend the highly-sought-after files in your workplace!

Hacker's Paradise

Let's say all the defense systems in the world went down--no passwords, no user authentication, no red flag warnings to protect your data from uninvited guests. With all of these obstacles eliminated, hackers could take anything they wanted--so what would they grab first?

  • Medical data

Medical data brings in the most value on the "digital black market," as it's especially sensitive--but this isn't just a concern for healthcare organizations. Any medical information you have about employees or customers is at risk.

  • Financial data

Financial data is one of the most obvious "treasures" in a hacker's paradise. With this information, the digital bad-guys can drain bank accounts, use credit cards, and ruin futures.

  • Personal files

Personal files can include anything from family photos to the latest draft of that sure-to-be-a-bestseller crime novel you work on in your spare time. While these things don't necessarily pay well if hackers try to resell them, they do tend to motivate companies and individuals to hand over a ransom.

  • Government info

Government info includes any details you share for official purposes. While not worth as much to hackers, this information can still wreak havoc for your company.

Why it Matters

It's important to know which of your files are in high demand because, armed with that information, you'll know what to defend.

The good news is that with a little help from managed IT services, your most important files--and all the other ones, too--can be kept safe and sound without breaking a sweat. Managed IT providers work with you to implement solutions and create procedures that will protect files, improve habits, and eliminate security risks without adding a thousand extra steps to your workflows or draining your budget. Together, you and your provider will make sure "hacker's paradise" never exists.

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