How Managed Print Solves Education Problems

Female teacher standing next to printer in school hallway lifting up the top part of the machine looking at a paper.

The world of education is an important one, but it comes with all kinds of challenges and uncertainties. Luckily, there's one solution that doesn't just keep up, but actually helps educational organizations get ahead: managed print services.

Starting at the Printer

Since most education challenges are based on funding, organization, or communication, it might seem strange to start at the printer--but managed print services proves that this is one step that no educational organization will ever regret. Managed print helps address some of the biggest struggles in the world of education--all with simple tools, solutions, and procedures that don't interrupt student experience or drain the budget.

Let's take a look at some common problems in education and how managed print can address them!


  • Funding:

Schools usually have tight budgets, meaning that they don't have a lot of room to experiment with tools and solutions.

  • Organization:

With so much information to handle on a daily basis, it's easy for educational organizations to get overwhelmed. This is especially true with larger student bodies or a larger staff.

  • Communication:

Education requires communication--not just internally, but also between teachers and students, teachers and parents, and even multiple schools in a district. This can be difficult when there are no rules in place for how information is expected to be created and shared.


  • Funding:

Managed print helps address budget concerns not just by being an affordable solution itself, but also by finding places where educational organizations can cut costs without cutting corners. For example, by introducing print rules that help staff understand when to print and when not to print, it's possible to save money on consumables.

  • Organization:

With managed print, schools can get and stay organized by utilizing a variety of flexible tools and solutions. Managed print helps control documents through every stage of the life-cycle, meaning there will always be answers in place to help students and educators know what they're looking for, where it is, and how to get it.

  • Communication:

Managed print services adapts to a school's unique needs and goals, allowing communication to happen naturally and smoothly--all without forcing teachers, students, parents, or school faculty to worry about the how or where. Instead, a managed print provider takes care of the little details, leaving members of the education community to focus on making the grade.

Managed print services is an excellent fit for the world of education--and lots of other industries, too. Contact us today to see for yourself!