Do You Know How to Choose a Multifunction Printer?

Busy office, with employees walking around and working at desks

If you think you'd be a pro at choosing the best multifunction printer for your business, you might need to think again. Even long-time printer experts can feel a little overwhelmed by all the thrilling features and fascinating functions offered by these high-tech machines. Here's what you need to know to shake off the confusion and choose the right multifunction printer!

Multifunction Printer Shopping: What Not to Do

To show you the best way to choose a multifunction printer for your business, let's pause for a moment and look at what you shouldn't do. To model these not-so-great choices, we'll imagine a hypothetical shopper named Joe.

Joe is passionate about his company. He wants to find solutions that will work for his employees and deliver excellent experiences for his customers. However, unlike you, he didn't do his research before shopping for a multifunction printer.

Here's what Joe did wrong.

Mistake #1: Choosing the cheapest device

Joe prides himself on being savvy about his budget. Unfortunately, he forgot to consider the total cost of ownership when buying a multifunction printer. He grabbed the cheapest device he saw--and now he'll end up paying more in repairs and maintenance, not to mention the money he'll lose because the new device doesn't use supplies as efficiently as it should.

Mistake #2: Shopping on instinct

Another mistake Joe made was forgetting to review his company's needs. He didn't ask which features and functions would be useful both now and in the future, instead choosing to shop based on whatever caught his eye. The multifunction printer he found is fine, but it doesn't solve most of his company's printing problems (and definitely doesn't make anyone's life easier, which is what a multifunction printer should do).

Mistake #3: Forgetting about security

When faced with all those fascinating options, Joe got a little distracted. He forgot to research whether this new multifunction printer came with built-in security features, and he certainly didn't stop to ask if the machine could be integrated into his company's existing cybersecurity approach. As a result, he's left with a machine he'll constantly worry about.


Are you shopping for a multifunction printer? If so, remember not to be like Joe. Do your research, consider the total cost of ownership, review your company's present and future needs, and always check whether your chosen device has good security features.

Need a little help on your multifunction printer shopping journey? Contact us today to make sure you don't become "the next Joe."