4 Tips for Choosing a Managed Print Services Provider

Managed Print Tips

Wondering how to choose the perfect managed print services provider? You've come to the right place! Here are four tips to help you find the right company for your needs--both now and in the future.

Managed Print Services Experts

All providers claim to be managed print services experts--but only a few of them actually live up to that name.

Unfortunately, honest experts are sometimes difficult to identify. That's because the fakers have good cover stories and know just how to trick businesses into thinking they're cutting-edge. Sure, most managed print services providers have decent intentions--but that doesn't mean they're capable of protecting, supporting, and empowering your print environment.

So how do you weed out the impostors?

Simple: Use these four tips.

#1: Start with security.

Print security is a pretty big deal. If a provider doesn't offer a lot of service or solutions in this regard, don't waste any more time--they're not a good fit.

#2: Do some digging.

Does the provider have a good online presence? Is their website clear and easy to use? Can you find reviews about their service? Once you answer these questions, keep that information in your back pocket when approaching providers. It should help you make sure they are who they say they are.

#3: Talk about communication.

A provider can be perfect in every way--but if they don't match up with your preferred communication style, they still won't be the right fit. Take some time to find out how each provider stays in touch with their clients.

#4: Find out if they're interested.

Managed print services is a partnership. If a provider isn't interested in you--your print environment, needs, challenges, goals, budget, and more--then they probably won't be capable of providing the personalized service you deserve.


To find true managed print services experts, you need to become somewhat of a detective. Look for references, explore their website, and don't be afraid to ask all of your questions. Remember--this is supposed to be a partnership, not just a business deal.

If you need help finding that perfect provider, worry no more. Contact us today for all your managed print services needs!