Help Desk

Help Desk

Get Experienced Technical Help Anytime

MMIT Business Solutions Group has several options for building and maintaining your IT network:

  • With Network Design, we can work with you to construct your network from the ground up.
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery help ensure that you can get up and running when or if a catastrophe occurs.
  • Cloud Services lets you take advantage of wireless technology to protect your emails, collaborate with others and more.

One of our most helpful services is our U.S.-based help desk. You can reach out to our seasoned technical experts via phone or email when you have problems with your desktops, servers or networks.

Advantages of Using MMIT’s Help Desk

We know that many small to medium-sized business do not have dedicated IT resources, and trying to handle technical issues in-house can often result in pulling key employees away from their primary responsibilities or taking much longer to solve an issue that could be handled more efficiently by an IT expert. Both scenarios can adversely affect your bottom line.

MMIT has skilled staff and powerful resources to resolve your problems without interrupting your daily workflows. Our Remote Monitoring capabilities allow us to keep watch over your systems 24/7. Whenever an issue arises, our engineers will troubleshoot and resolve it as quickly as possible. If necessary, we can also escalate problems to the right people.

Additional Managed IT Services

For information on our other Managed IT services, check out these pages:

If you’d like to know more about our help desk, please contact us.